Nigra Arts Center announces collaboration with internationally acclaimed artist Barney Bellinger

The Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts and Transitions, located in Gloversville, NY, and operated by The Lexington Foundation, are collaborating with internationally acclaimed artist Barney Bellinger of Sampson Bog Studio. Bellinger is a renowned painter and rustic furniture maker who builds sculptures and mixed media pieces out of industrial objects blended with rustic materials and natural resources. Bellinger and his wife, Susan, work together in the studio to conceptualize and create highly sought-after masterworks.

Bellinger is currently utilizing space at the Nigra Arts Center to expand his workshop. In doing so, he is able to share his talent with both art students and the young adults who attend Transitions.

Transitions is a supportive apprenticeship program for young men and women with autism and other learning differences who want to attend college and/or prepare for a career. It is co-located with the Nigra Arts Center, so recently it was able to arrange for 12 of its Apprentices to take a series of classes with Bellinger, where they will not only learn about his creative process, but also see it in action. The Apprentices will get hands-on experience as they use the objects and tools Bellinger employs in his technique. The classes will continue throughout the spring and eventually culminate in the development of the Apprentices’ own unique vision for an art piece.

Bellinger also plans to lead a series of workshops open to artists and patrons of the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts who are interested in learning more about his process and the development of a completed piece. For more information about Barney Bellinger and Sampson Bog Studio, visit For more information about the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts, visit