Corporate Retreats and Workshops


Let us host your retreat or conference in our luxurious and relaxing Adirondack facility. Our two beautiful and well-equipped meeting venues can hold up to 125 people each. Use your own program and speakers or utilize our carefully selected business professionals to engage, empower and bring out the best in your team (see Leadership Workshops section). Facilitators are also available to help you meet your retreat goals. Want a fun arts-themed team building activity? We can do that too (see Artistic Team Building section). We are happy to work with any size business or organization for a retreat or conference experience that lasts anywhere from a few hours to the whole weekend. For details, contact Events Coordinator Lori White at or (518) 661-9932.

Four Hours of Biz Power
Monday – Friday
8:00AM – 12:00PM
(includes breakfast buffet)

Daylong Retreat
Monday – Saturday
9:00AM – 4:00PM
(includes breakfast and lunch buffet)

Our Granite Conference Room, Tamarack Conference Room and Grand Gallery are ideal atmospheres for stimulating conversation and team building. These beautiful meeting spaces feature computers, projectors and screens suited for executive gatherings. For details, contact Events Coordinator Lori White at or (518) 661-9932.

Weekend Escape Retreat*
Friday & Saturday or Sunday & Monday
10:00AM – 2:00PM
(includes lunch buffet both days)

Take your retreat to the next level as you and your colleagues engage and collaborate throughout the grounds of the Nigra Arts Center. Enjoy the spacious splendor of our Grand Gallery, where your entire team can gather for group sessions and meals. Breakout sessions may be held in our Tamarack Conference Room, Granite Conference Room or in one of our smaller, more intimate spaces. Fun and productive leadership workshops await your arrival. Additional teambuilding exercises could include painting in one of our art studios or a cooking class in our professional teaching kitchen. Yoga classes and massages are also options as you make your Weekend Escape Retreat one to remember! To discuss a package to suit your needs, contact Events Coordinator Lori White at or (518) 661-9932.

*For local accommodation options, please visit the Fulton-Montgomery Regional Chamber of Commerce at and the Fulton County Tourism website at


We are happy to provide a portfolio of leadership workshops that can contribute to your team’s success and productivity through creative and collaborative discussions, role playing, hands-on activities and more. Let Events Coordinator Lori White create an engaging and memorable experience specifically tailored to suit your needs. For details, contact Lori at or (518) 661-9932.

Survivor Team Building (2 hours)
In this workshop, your colleagues will take part in exciting and challenging teambuilding activities inspired by the television show Survivor. Throughout this entertaining experience, participants will review these key components of teamwork in order to succeed … and survive:

  • Communication
  • Trust
  • Change
  • Cooperation
  • Relationship building
  • Goal setting

This is a fun-filled workshop that will leave a lasting impression and yield positive results! (No Immunity Idol required.)

Effective Listening Tools: Hear What You’re Missing (2 hours)
“There is a difference between truly listening and waiting for your turn to talk.”
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Effective listening touches every type of business environment. The inability to listen can have a dire impact on your bottom line. Whether you are listening to a colleague, talking to your supervisor, responding to a corporate crisis or assisting a customer with a problem, the ability to stop, listen and pay attention to the other person and his/her message is vital to a productive exchange and effective communication. The goal of this workshop is to help your team develop a number of tools to improve listening skills – in business and in life.

Problem Area: Solved! (Pre-assessment & 2 hours of instruction)
This workshop will begin with an individual team assessment to identify a problem area in need of improvement. The following five areas will be evaluated:

  • Group mission, planning and goal setting
  • Group roles
  • Group systems
  • Group interpersonal relationships
  • Intergroup relations

Once the team has completed the assessment and a problem area has been determined, participants will work together to effectively address the issue. This workshop consists of an assessment, open discussion and team exercises.

Stomp Out Stress (2 hours)
Business and stress go hand-in-hand, but we can teach your team how to rein it in! This workshop will identify mechanisms to identify, reduce and understand the causes of stress in your work environment. Our stress management tools are designed to reduce stress in order to enhance productivity and health while providing a more balanced lifestyle. The workshop consists of a lecture, demonstrations, exercises, group discussion and brainstorming.

Time Management (2 hours)
You know what they say about time and money – and you don’t want to waste either one. Learn useful tools to help your team manage time and beat the clock. Topics will include planning, prioritizing, delegating and how to efficiently tackle:

  • Meetings
  • Phones
  • Paperwork
  • Interruptions
  • Emergencies

This workshop consists of many exercises, including proficient project planning. Participants will take part in an abundance of hands-on activities as they work together to tackle time.

Key Coaching Skills (2 hours)
In the sports world, coaches inspire and guide teams to victory. The same holds true in the business world. This workshop will illustrate the difference between coaching and mentoring as participants learn key coaching skills that can benefit any business or organization, big or small. Topics will include how to provide exceptional feedback and efficiently redirect others as you guide your team to a home run! Participants will experience a lecture, presentation, role playing and group discussion.

Managing Conflict (2 hours)
This workshop will help your team members build personal skills and confidence in their ability to deal with conflict in the workplace. Topics will include:

  • Working with an angry person
  • Managing your own emotions
  • Using key listening acknowledgements
  • Managing conflicts in a third party

Dr. Kimberly Ventus Darks’ philosophy on conflict, which includes myths about conflict and the value of emotion, will be shared with participants. This workshop consists of a lecture, role playing, discussion, exercises and more.

What’s My Leadership Style? (2 hours)
A good leader knows how to provide direction, effectively execute plans and motivate people. We all possess certain skills and traits that make up our own style of leadership. Is your style working for you and your team? Participants will:

  • Learn various leadership styles
  • Assess their own leadership styles
  • Identify situations in which different styles of leadership need to be utilized

This workshop includes a lecture, group exercises, assessment and more.

Leadership Boot Camp (two-day training 9:00AM – 2:00PM)
Get ready to take your team’s leadership to the next level with a unique development program structured specifically for YOU. Explore the latest business strategies as you dive into two days of information and education on such topics as:

  • What’s My Leadership Style?
  • Whale Done!
  • Stress Management
  • Supportive Discipline
  • Managing Conflict
  • Time (Planning) Management
  • Working with Different Personalities

Leadership Boot Camp features lectures, exercises, hands-on activities, videos and much more to keep your team encouraged, engaged and motivated to become legendary leaders!


The Nigra Arts Center offers creative and fun corporate team building with artistic flair! Come together in our beautiful and relaxing setting as you share an imaginative and memorable experience. Options include but are not limited to:

  • Painting on canvas
  • Jewelry making
  • Cooking in our professional teaching kitchen
  • Glass art creation
  • Line dancing
  • Songwriting 101 (complete with recording)

We are open to other ideas and are looking forward to working with you on a creative activity that will bring colleagues together while embracing the arts. For details, contact Events Coordinator Lori White at or (518) 661-9932.