Music Lessons

Private Music Lessons (piano, guitar, bass, drums)
Tom Simek, instructor

Learn to express yourself, read music, play and compose on these modern tools of music. Students ages 8+ will be exposed to a diverse array of styles and techniques. Lessons are individually catered to each student’s interests and skill level. Instruction combines classical techniques with modern repertoire and world music, emphasizing jazz, rock, jam and pop. Students may choose to focus solely on one instrument, which is highly encouraged for at least a year, or may combine instruments to fit their fancy. Some examples include the string combo of bass and guitar, the percussion combo of piano and drums, the rhythmic combo of bass and drums, the harmonic combo of piano and guitar, and “the total package” or “modern quartet” of piano, guitar, bass and drums. While pianos and drums are available at the center, students must bring additional instruments to their lessons.

Interested? Email Tom or call (518) 774-6103 for fee/scheduling information.

One-On-One Lessons*: Guitar, Beginning Fiddle/Violin, Mandolin or Ukelele | Bill Ackerbauer, instructor

Learn what you want:  folk, country, rock or blues
Beginner or intermediate (Age 8+)

Interested?  Email Bill or call (518) 210-6181 for fee/scheduling information.