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Senior Soirée

Join us for an arts and entertainment-filled Senior Soirée at the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts in Gloversville.  Sponsored by Fidelis Care, your special day will include a delicious lunch - not to mention a taste of all the rich artistic offerings the Nigra Arts Center provides our community. Pick and choose what you explore, from line dancing, songwriting and yoga, to chocolate and jewelry making, painting and more! The Senior Soirée runs from 10:00AM-2:00PM. The cost is $20 a person. Space is limited & pre-registration is required by calling 661-9932.  

Senior Soirée Schedule


AM Program:  10:00-11:45AM

10:00AM - Grand Gallery: Meet and Greet to review day’s activities

10:15AM: Pick two 45 minute classes

 10:15AM - Fitness: choose one

1.  Line Dancing with Sue Kaupelis
2.  Chair Yoga with Dori Daknis

 11:00AM - Art Classes: choose one

1.  Painting with Ellen Lauziere 
2.  Floral Design with Stacia Conyne


11:45AM: Explore Community Art Gallery & Make Way to Grand Gallery

12:00-12:30PM: Lunch in Grand Gallery

PM Program: 12:45-1:45PM

12:45PM: Choose one hour long class:

 High Tech Phone Fun: 

1.  Smartphone 101 (bring your device & learn the basics)

 Culinary Arts:

           2.  Chocolate Making with Lisa McCoy


           3.  Songwriting with Tom Simek


           4.  Jewelry Making with Brenda Dwyer

1:45PM: Make way to Lobby