Thank you to the following donors for their generous gifts:

Ruby & Quiri | Nigra Arts Center Lexington Foundation Office | $25K
The Nigra Family | Nigra Arts Center Music Studio | $10K
Barbara Treadwell | Nigra Arts Center Gift Shop (given in memory of Terry Treadwell)| $10K
Jean and Bob Schultz | Transitions Cedar Advisement Room (given in memory of Mr. Floyd and Mrs. Mary Schultz and Dr. Lawrence and
   Mrs. Margaret Miano) | $10K
John and Sunday Blackmon | Nigra Arts Center Library | $10k 
Bill Crankshaw and Wally Hart | Nigra Arts Center Lexington Foundation Meeting Room | $10K
Priya and Shaloni Winston | Transitions Aspen Advisement Room | $10K
Ned and Judy Hirt| Nigra Arts Center Studio/Office | $5K
Nancy Kosinski | Nigra Arts Center Reception Café (in remembrance of Lloyd and Amelia Higgins and James and Emily Wilson)|$5K
Dan Richardson | Nigra Arts Center Studio/Office | $5K
Clayton and Jane Sitterly | Nigra Arts Center Studio/Office | $5K

Several naming opportunities are available at the Nigra Arts Center. For more information, please contact Wally Hart, executive director of The Lexington Foundation.

$10,000 +
Lexington Residential                 Department
Lexington Day Habilitation     Department

Peter and Jeff Platt               

$1000-$2499                    Dr. Linda Christie       
Steven Cirillo                          Nancy and David                   DeSando     
Katherine Ehle           
Marie Gallup  
Josephine Gerke        
Cecilia Hazzard          
Janet Kucel                             John Kuznia                          Kristin Leffler                        
Lexington Continuing Day  
   Treatment Department    Penny Rivenburg        
Fran Schneider           
Kaye Schrader
Camille Smullen        
Maureen Sweet         
Gina Warsaw
Ron and Trina Zimmerman  

Edith and Jeffrey Boehme     
Anna Brooker                        
Karen Brown                           Amanda Bruyn         
Mike Butler    
Brandi DiGiacomo   
FLAME                                    Beth Hudson     

Kathy Kane                             Theresa Kluge            
Sandra Lais    
Lexington Medical
Lexington Self-Advocacy
Lexington Quality Assurance
   Department                        Lexington Recreation
Tina MacMillan           Lynette May   
Joslyn Mitchell           
James Mitchell         
Jennifer Morse
Tina Olyer                              Toni Persch    
Rachael Salvione       
Jackie Sculco  
Gale Stott      
Penny Sue Walrath    
Tim White      
Terry Williams           
James Yanno

$100 -$499     
George and Teresa
Amber Marie Bridge  
Karen Brittan                        
Stacy Brownell           
Debra Carman            
Keiley Cirillo   
Nadine Conklin           
Charlene Cooper        
Michael DelCostello   
Sara DelCostello  
Veronica Dona           
Tina Dreusike         

Robert Dugan
Jessica Egeleston        Brenda Empie            
Laura Famiglietti                   
Barbara Ganey           
Kelly Green    
Michele Hale  
Cheryl Harrington        Cathy Hopper                        Sandra Hurlbert         
April Iannotti                          
Tracy Jurcsak  
Eliza Lamphear          
Amy Langley  
Melissa Lawrence       Lexington Service
   Coordination Department
Lexington Human Resources
Lexington Business Office Lexington Habilitation
   Coordination Department Lexington Training
Lexington Behavioral
   Support Department Lexington Family Services Faith MacLean           
Caroline Malachowski
Michael Marrone       
Wesley McFee            Deborah McGillis       
Carol McQuade          
Kati-Lynn Meher    
Lisa Miller      
Nicole Milo    
Jennifer Monroe         Victoria Morrison        Monica Naslund
Maria Nestle  

Carly Nicolella            
Niki Olmstead            
Mary Orloff     
Steven Osheyack         Michele Pasquariello
Sherry Passero          
Erin Pedrick    
Peebles - Johnstown Store Mary Peterson           
Jim Post         
Denise Reid    
Bill Roe          
Penny Ropeter-Webber Judy Schelle   
Dale Schermerhorn    
Kathy Simone
Christine Stanavich    
Paula Sutton                          
Claudia Thompson     
Heather Tomlinson     Meghan Wager           Sandra Ward  
Heidi West                             
Carol Williams              

Under $100
James and Barbara Becker Broadalbin Perth High
   School Sunshine Fund Christine Carpenter    
Lexington Employment
Nancy Fraker  
Patricia Harrod           
Anna Lanphere           
Beth Leonard
Lexington Transportation
Tammy Miles
Ashley Walton    

*as of December 31, 2016

Thank you to our 2018 NIGHT OUT sponsors for their generous support
of the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts.

2018 Sponsors.jpg

Thank you to our 2017 NIGHT OUT sponsors for their generous support
of the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts.


Thank you to our 2016 NIGHT OUT sponsors for their generous support
of the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts.

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The Cubby Faville Memorial Fund: Bringing Arts to Young People

Our deepest appreciation to Melissa Faville Hally and Mary Jo Faville for presenting a check for $500 to the Paul Nigra Center for Creative Arts on behalf of the Cubby Faville Memorial Fund. The funds will be utilized to help under served young people attend classes at the Nigra Arts Center. For more about the Cubby Faville Memorial Fund, click here.

Everett "Cubby" Faville (1957–2013)

Everett "Cubby" Faville (1957–2013)

Sue Nigra, Melissa Faville Hally, Mary Jo Faville and Wally Hart

Sue Nigra, Melissa Faville Hally, Mary Jo Faville and Wally Hart